Wednesday, September 19.2018 - Wednesday, October 31.2018

Franco Fontana, Deep in Colors

Franco Fontana sets out from a conception of photography as a creative activity in which the relationship with nature or reality is accompanied by an intense poetic projection.  He said: “Photography should not reproduce the visible; it makes the invisible visible.” 

Saturday, July 7.2018 - Tuesday, September 4.2018

Women, Shape and Soul

This special exhibition, running for the Berlin Fashion Week, sets out to put women in contemporary art and raises the fundamental question of how visual Art deals with Fashion. Full of glamour, theatricality, escapism, but also with innovation and issues confronting our time, the  exhibition present the archetype of women in fashion, design and in art.

Wednesday, April 18.2018 - Sunday, May 20.2018


A special exhibition for the Gallery Week End is running at SR Contemporary Art in Berlin, sets out to put nature in contemporary art .

Wednesday, December 13.2017 - Friday, March 9.2018


Sunday, December 3.2017 - Thursday, March 22.2018