Superfluoo Design

2008: Perla & Alex together design and create a collection of chandelier and call the project: “ BIRDS DESIGN”.

2009: B.D. partecipate in the Milan Design Week, exibiting in TALLULAH Gallery collective and with a presenter at JStudio.
B.D. project and realize 4 large scuplutures for one of the Governments building in Rome.

2010: B.D. partecipate with a new collection at Milan D.W with a personal space in FuoriSalone Superstudio 2011: B.D. exibits new collection at the former Ansaldo area during Milan D.W.

B.D. partecipate in the collective: “ROOMS” art at nhow; it is held at NHOW for 6 months
From 2011 onwards, Perla & Alex do many and long trips abroad tavelling from Asia to Central America;

contact with different cultures, new worlds, habits, colors and unusual environments bring new inspirations.

At the end of 2011 Perla & Alex inaugurate their new Atelier home-workshop at the premises of an old filanda.
BIRDS DESIGN is transformed into the new project: SUPERFLUOO

From 2011 to 2015, SUPERFLUOO mainly works on the design and realization of unique pieces, expecially lights sculptures and tables, for various private events. The very demanding clientele and numerous orders limit partecipation in exibitions, unless for a brief partecipation in a collective at Milan D.W. in 2013

2016: -initial collaboration with AVANT TOI, an important company in the world of experimental fashion, with the design and realization of the new showroom space and furnishings in Milan.

2017: -project and realization installation for display “AVANT TOI HOME” during Milan D.W.

-project and creation of new display AVANT TOI FASHION & HOME at TRANOI, the flagship of the September Fashion Week in Paris.

 -Developing , Collective Exhibition, SR Contemporary Art Berlin

2018: - WUNDERKAMMER DER NATUR, Collective Exhibition, SR Contemporary Art Berlin


Superfluoo Design

Perla Este was born in Genova on August 8, 1974. She grows guided by family passion for collecting and antiques. Newcomer she begins to work as interior designer; her style combines passion for classic with love for contemporary architecture and art. In projects, she research the creation of unique furnishing and items, taking inspirations from hers numerous travels.

Alex Gamba was born in Catania on July 26, 1962. He begins to work in theatrical scenography; opening his studio at the end of 1980’s he designs several stores and public spaces. At the same time he designs and produces unique pieces for private enthusiasts.


Superfluoo mainly works on the design and realization of unique pieces, expecially lights sculptures and tables, for various private events.
Nature as inspiration is at the hearth of all our projects. Create a group of artisans and makers with whom to collaborate and share Attention to sustainability, social cost and productive impact of environment Search for new suggestions Exploration of traditional materials and techniques. Continuos experimentation of innovative possibilities. The use of new machine technology as a human instrument Combination of art, design, seriality and unique piece, sculpture and light Constant perfection of equality in the diversity of Nature Aesthetic research of uniqueness in continuity. The serial repeated gesture always remain unique.