Our guide to collect

Why should I buy photograph?
Photography is more popular than before, and theres never been a more exciting time to start collecting. Photographs are modern accessible and relatively inexpensive.
There is no need to specialize simply buy the new work you find the most beautiful, compelling, or thought.

Where can I find prices and what determines the value of a print?
Prices are written on the labels next to exhibited works, or in a separate price list, but dont be afraid to ask. A signed print can cost as little as 1500 Euro. Print Sales staff are happy to recommend work to suit your taste budget. Generally, well-established names command higher prices than lesser known or emerging talents. Exclusivity or rarity also makes a difference. Signed prints are considered more valuable than modern re-prints as they are seen as historical artefacts.

What are limited editions?
Contemporary photographers often produce prints as part of editions, limiting the number of print available.
The size of the edition is decided by the photographer and the print will refer to a particular image in a particular size so it is important to learn of the other sizes and editions in which the image is available. The limited edition photograph is a relatively recent concept, so you will find that the prints of many important older photographers are not from limited editions.

How do I look after my print?
Try to avoid any excess handling of your print. However if handling your print you should use two hands at all times and wear white cotton gloves. To conserve your print it should be mounted and framed with acid- free, museum standard materials. Sabrina Raffaghello contemporary art offers a Bespoke Framing Service and a Restoration Service which can help you with this. When displaying your print avoid direct sunlight, extremes of temperature and humid environments, dont forget to make sure to have adeguate insurance as the value of your collection increases.
It is easier to build an impressive collection with photography than other art forms, as they are generally less expensive and more accessible. Why not build a corporate collection, as a successful photography collection can greatly improve the quality of a work environment. It is also a potential financial investment, whatever size your business. We can give expert advice on choosing photographs for your home or work collection as well offering bespoke framing an installation.

Dos and donts for Buying
Do buy vintage prints in good condition with strong images.
Don’t buy prints in poor condition.
Don’t buy mass produced inkjets in large editions, even those by famous photographers.
Do buy work you admire by up-and-coming photographers with a proven exhibition record.
Don’t buy unsigned unauthenticated prints.
Do buy the best you can afford.
Don’t buy poor images by well-known names.
Do take time to find out about photography by reading books and journals, visiting exhibitions and becoming acquainted with a specialist photography gallery.
Increase your knowledge of the market and confidence in purchasing.
Don’t buy just because you’ve been told they’re the next big thing.