SR Contemporary Art – Berlin

SR CONTEMPORARY ART was founded by Sabrina Raffaghello in 2001. While the concept of the Gallery was originally to focus on Italian Photography, representing artist with both historical value and contemporary significance, SR has now opened up the scope to international artists working in photography, multimedia and visual arts. Yet, the Gallery’s strong commitment to its artists is everlasting and has focused on building collaborations with other galleries and institutions around the world to establish artists’ careers. Most of SR CONTEMPORARY ART artists have had extensive museum activity, monographs, critical acclaim and important recognition from the international collectors community.

The Gallery works on different worktops, such as assisting private collectors in buying, supporting the creation of both corporate and public collections, collaborating on the production of exhibitions and organizing arts and cultural events. Through the years the Gallery has become an important reference, a point of contact, for acquisitions for both public and private collections. Furthermore, the Gallery assists both beginning and veteran collectors in locating, buying and selling works spanning all the 20th century to established and emerging photographers. Additionally, Sabrina Raffaghello became a conceptual brand for emerging designers. The Gallery has developed, in collaboration with industrial groups and architecture firms, many important projects of contamination between art and services, giving birth to important collections and to relevant urban art projects. Since 2006, the SR Contemporary Art is also committed to expand its networks, and since then it has worked on producing original and significant on-site projects in partnerships/collaboration with interior design firms, real estate developers and accommodation establishments.

In 2007, Sabrina invented the Alexandria Biennale of contemporary video photography, working closely with the administration of the city of Alexandria and the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage. The format of this unique Biennale has been considered truly innovative by many as it compares the different languages that comprise contemporary videography whilst comparing artists from the Italian art scenery. At the same time, in many ways, it also compares nations, as the hosting country changes at every Biennial.

Since 2006, Sabrina has a strong affiliation with China’s museum sector, initiating in 2010 collaboration with NAMOC (National Art Museum of China, Beijing) and with GUMOA (Guandong Museum of Art of Guangzhou). Sabrina has therefore organized and curated several exhibitions in both China and Italy. The Gallery’s representative office in China has the scope to maintain these collaborations and generate new opportunities between Europe and China. Shanghai’s office, united with Berlin’s venue and Milano’s strong connections, permits the Gallery’s constant engagement in the international market, with a distinguishable specialisation in Italian and Chinese photography and video.

In 2017, the gallery moved its headquarters from Milan to Berlin. The German capital is in fact a privileged place for international intersections of the art market. Historically, Berlin is also recognized as a crossroads of cultural flows between East and West – to which the gallery is traditionally associated. Furthermore, being active in Berlin also means having a constant eye on key artistic trends, as the City is a true router for the elaboration and production of contemporary languages.

The gallery team :

Sabrina Raffaghello                                       Giulia Tomasi                                           Sigurros Eidsdottir
Gallery Director                                             Gallery Manager.                                     Gallery Assistant